Pork Nachos, Amway Center, Orlando

N: 5 out of 10. The Pork Nachos were made with Pork, black beans,  salsa and fresh Ortega cheese sauce.  They  literally replaced the cheese sauce bag just in time for my order.

A: 6 out 10. A whole lot of processed cheese dominating this photo.

C: 6 out of 10. You will notice the fork in the picture.  I ended up having to use the fork to finish the nachos because the chips had become so soggy.  The chips ultimately could not stand up to all of the cheese and beans.

H: 6 out of 10.  It is rare that I do not finish an order of nachos but this was one time that I just did not think it was worth it.  I really wanted to like them more.

O: 6 out of 10.  These Nachos were average in taste and I likely would not order them again.  However, I did give them a little extra just because of the atmosphere.   The IU Alumni Association had a gathering at Amway and Victor Oladipo put on a show for the Hoosier crowd including a banked three pointer to send the game to overtime.  Any other setting and these nachos would have been a 5.  The good news is that Amway has different nachos for me to try on my next visit!