Philly Cheese Steak and Chicken Nachos

The Nacho Dudes met up in French Lick, IN to allow the kids to spend some time at the Indoor water park, do a little gambling and of course find some local nachos.   We came upon 33 Brick Street. There we sampled both the Philly Cheese Steak Nachos and the Philly Cheese Chicken Nachos.  We were hoping for a little more from the nachos since we had heard such good things about the establishment overall.  Luckily we had entrees as well that helped fill us up.  We ended up giving the Nachos an overall rating of a 6.  The breakdown of the rating using our patented N.A.C.H.O rating system is below.   Be sure to follow Nachodudes on Instagram and on Twitter @nachodudes. N – 4.  As you can tell from the pictures the toppings were pretty thin.  We were left with quite a few plain chips at the end of each order. The waitress even noticed and brought a side of queso. A – 4.  French Fries should be served in a basket not Nachos! C – 9.  The chips stayed firm throughout and had good flavor. H – 8.  The taste on both the Steak and the Chicken [...]