What is NachoDudes?

NachoDudes is a network of individuals who love the finer things in life, namely beer and nachos. The founders of and original NachoDudes, Alex and Kyle, met on the first day of law school in 1998. Within minutes, the Dudes quickly realized they shared a passion for cold beer, IU basketball, and of course nachos.

While the Dudes no longer live in the same city, they do get together as frequently as possible with their favorite time being their annual mystery guy trip known as “The HIS”. It was on these trips that the Dudes began building a network of other nacho enthusiasts. Indeed, the HIS has been the source of many of the past nacho plates contained in the Gallery.

The idea for NachoDudes.com came from the Dudes’ use of social media and text messages to continue to share their nacho escapades with each other and their fellow Hisslers. With the
understanding that nobody else in the world would care what the Dudes thought about the nachos they consumed, they still decided to start this website to share their passion and proprietary N.A.C.H.O. ranking system with anyone that would listen.

La Cocina-NachoDudes

What is the N.A.C.H.O. Ranking System?

Over the years, the Dudes have debated the finer points of the nacho and the best way to evaluate a plate of nachos. Through at least an hour of research, countless plates of nachos and several beers,
they settled upon a 5-category system that they dubbed the N.A.C.H.O. system:

  • Nitro-ness of Toppings – It turned out that there were not many words that start with the letter “n” that pertained to food. So, the Dudes made up a category and named it after their good friend Billy Nitro. The Nitro-ness of Toppings evaluates the amount, balance, and type of toppings on the nachos.
  • Appearance – The care that the nacho professional puts into preparing the presentation of his/her nacho dish can provide invaluable insight into the quality of the nachos about to be consumed.
  • Chip Stability – Nothing ruins a plate of nachos quicker than a flimsy chip.
  • How they tasted – Pretty self-explanatory for the most basic evaluation category.
  • Overall – Taking into account everything and some intangibles (atmosphere, company, wait staff, etc.), the NachoDudes provides an overall ranking to each dish they sample.

The Dudes use this simple nacho chip ranking system to rank each category. The greater number of chips awarded in each category the better the particular dish of nachos performed. 10 nacho chips is the best score that can be awarded, while 0 nacho chips is the lowest. We hope you enjoy this site and that it leads to a greater appreciation of the nacho!

Use this ranking system to make your OWN reviews.