Nitro-nus of Toppings: 9

Maybe it was the fresh air or feeling of being on vacation or the alcohol consumed at our previous stop  . . . whatever it was, we could not get over this masterful creation. Instead of ruining it with our own words let’s just refer to the menu description:

“Our award winning fresh Ahi grade tuna nestled on a bed of sesame seaweed salad over crisp wontons and topped with wasabi drizzle, sesame seeds, sweet soy, sriracha and scallions”

Mouth watering yet?

Appearance: 8

Individually topped wonton chips are a site to behold, especially accompanied by a cold cocktail.

Chip Stability: 8

Crunchy to the last bite. There were no bend to these chips.

How Did They Taste: 9

So good that we had to order round 2 for dessert.

Overall: 9

It had been awhile since the Dudes had been together and even longer since the Mrs. Dudes had the chance to hang out. So everyone was already in a good mood and who can argue with the keys as a perfect setting for nachos. However, what put it over the top was the sheer surprise of finding the Island Grill. Who knows if the Island Grill’s claim of being the home of the original tuna nachos is true but after sampling them, we can honestly say it is hard to imagine any place doing it better.

Recommended Pairings: White whine sangria (for the ladies), margarita and of course bud light